Wisdom Circles

A Wisdom Circle is a process for considering any area of community impact in a new and transformative way.

Some of these areas could include polarizing issues such as 9/11, Community & Police conflict, GMO’s, Vaccines, Climate Change, and many more.

Due to the wide area of world impact, we have chosen to begin with 9/11 Wisdom Circles.

9/11 Wisdom Circles will gather a small group of people who consent to reconsider 9/11 and/or other events of impact in a new way, with the guidance of a circle facilitator.

The Wisdom Circle begins with the assumption that the underlying brokenness has existed for a long time.

Many people have played a role in fostering that brokenness, many of whom will never be prosecuted in a court of law.

But many more will be willing to work with others in making a difference, if they are given the means to do so.


  • Help people process the events of 9/11
  • Connect with others from a place of shared pain
  • Identify the source of our societal brokenness
  • Rediscover our individual and unified power
  • Take new and unitive actions based on what we discover together.


  1. IF you would like to ATTEND a circle, please complete this PARTICIPANT Intake Form.
  2. IF you would like to HOST or FACILITATE, please complete this HOST OR FACILITATOR Intake Form.